It’s a wrap!!

2 06 2010

This has been quite a journey! It all started way back at the end of January but it seems like yesterday. On the 24th of April this site/blog, and our Twitter account, were officially launched and hence started the “working the network” effect, in addition to traditional communication channels and procedures of the school.

We risked by launching the call for presentations under the OPEN IMPACT0 initiative. We had no idea how that would turn out. And we dared to invite David Armano as our keynote speaker! We found a sponsor, and we must thank Continente for embarking with us on this daring journey. We must also thank our media partner Diario Economico.

And on the 1st of June it all became real! The morning started with heated interest and participation at the OPEN IMPACT0 initiative, a great experience despite the rather later ending as speakers got carried away 🙂 Kudos to Ana Neves for having the difficult task of being last (but not least!)… and for respecting the time 😉

In a nutshell, OPEN IMPACT0 started with Pedro Castro Henriques stressing the importance of having formal processes that support innovation, and going through the process of idea generation, highlighted with interesting examples. Next came Bruno Augusto, speaking of his professional experience with the company he started and stressing that the higher the perceived risk of a product, the more information a customer will look for in the social networking space.

Miguel Muñoz Duarte then took the stage to talk to us about the creative stimulus that companies can use to help with idea generation, detailing the concepts of serendipity, disconnection, intentional distraction, targeted exploration, bisosiation and empathetic observation. Up next was Ana Neves sharing her experiences in culture change management, and the way she helped transform a very difficult and closed organization. She also told the story of her experience at the NHS.

And after a very interesting morning session came the conference combining more top notch speakers and an engaged audience!

First up were Pedro Lobo from Innovagency and Pedro Aguiar from Return on Ideas speaking about Innovation, particularly the topic of idea generation and implementation, citing an interesting example from Vodafone. They were followed by Francisco Chaves from Microsoft Portugal with a great talk on the present and future of mobility, with staggering numbers on mobile phones usage, different models and platforms. The only sure trend seems to be that of convergence.

Ladies turn came next with Isabel Capacho from YDreams delighting us with the breakthrough innovation that this company – made of art+technology+design – accomplishes for clients such as Santander, Adidas or Orange. And before the coffee break we attended the presentation of Ana Margarida Santos from Sonae that shared the steps that brands such as Modelo and Continente are making in the social media sphere. with especially emphasis on the interesting case of Chef Online.

After the coffee break came the highlight of the conference as our social media thought leader David Armano hit the stage for slightly over one hour of dazzling insights on social media and social business planning. David stressed that we cannot look at social media as the next gold rush, and that we tend to treat social media as a media property on their on when in fact it needs to be integrated. He also warned that companies underestimate the amount of human power that it takes to run a social media initiative, ending up by stating that social media is not a campaign, it’s a continuous cycle. A world class, and highly appreciated, talk!

The conference ended in beauty with a round table featuring Gonçalo Quadros and António Murta discussing Innovation and Intelligence.

All in all the audience seemed pretty satisfied, and highly engaged, and it was such a great ride! Thanks to all the speakers, attendees and school staff for causing IMPACT0 with us!

PS – Transcript of the tweets under the #impact0egp hashtag is available HERE. Most tweets are in Portuguese though those of David’s talk are in English. Hope you enjoy!


Contagem decrescente para a IMPACT0

28 05 2010

Faltam poucos dias para a EGP-UPBS acolher a IMPACT0. Neste momento trabalha-se nos últimos preparativos para que fique tudo pronto para os eventos OPEN IMPACT0 (de entrada livre mas sujeita a inscrição), e para a conferência IMPACT0 (inscrições ainda abertas) na qual contamos com um leque bastante apelativo de oradores, de onde destacamos o keynote speaker David Armano, da Edelman Digital, um thought leader na área de social media aplicada aos negócios.

Mas contaremos igualmente com a presença de oradores da Innovagency, Microsoft Portugal, YDreams, Sonae, Alert, Pathena, Critical Software e Celfocus.

Esperamos por si no dia 1 de Junho!

Propostas OPEN IMPACT0

17 05 2010

O prazo para envio de propostas para apresentações OPEN IMPACT0 terminou na passada sexta-feira. Tivemos propostas bem interessantes e começamos a analisá-las hoje. Já percebemos que a escolha não vai ser nada fácil! Aguardem por novidades a meio desta semana.

Impacte você mesmo!

10 05 2010

Tem um paper interessante sobre o papel das redes sociais nas organizações ou nos consumidores? Trabalha na área da tecnologia e quer partilhar connosco uma reflexão sobre o papel desta como facilitadora de mudança (empresarial ou individual)? Quer contar uma história sobre como venceu um desafio de gestão de informação ou como inovou na área de business ou marketing intelligence? Então a iniciativa OPEN IMPACT0 é o cenário perfeito para si!

Proponha uma palestra impactante de 20 minutos sobre um destes temas e terá a oportunidade de a apresentar no dia 1 de Junho de manhã na EGP-UPBS. E se for seleccionada(o) será nossa(o) convidada(o) para a conferência IMPACT0 onde poderá ouvir as experiências de empresas como a YDreams, a Microsoft, a Sonae ou a Alert, bem como assistir à palestra de um dos maiores especialistas mundiais em social media: David Armano (US). Por que espera para causar IMPACT0?

Um aperitivo para dia 1 de Junho

9 05 2010

O keynote speaker da IMPACT0, David Armano, escreve regularmente numa das publicações mais prestigiadas no mundo empresarial: a Harvard Business Review. Deixamos aqui, como aperitivo para o que poderão ouvir no dia 1 de Junho, um breve excerto e o link para um dos seus artigos.

Overcoming the Obstacles To Social Business

“While social media often commands favorable media attention, the less often told story is that successful initiatives are rare to come by and that there are still a number of organizational roadblocks that managers need to overcome in order to make progress.”

o artigo continua AQUI

Aí estão!

5 05 2010

As primeiras reacções (muito positivas), as primeiras propostas para a OPEN IMPACT0 e as primeiras inscrições. Venham mais. Contamos convosco para juntos causarmos IMPACT0!

Contagem descrescente

30 04 2010

Falta pouco mais de um mês para a IMPACT0.

Com os últimos preparativos deste site concluídos, vamos agora dar início à divulgação da conferência e da iniciativa OPEN IMPACT0.

Contamos com as vossas propostas de apresentações até ao dia 14 de Maio, e com a vossa presença no dia 1 de Junho!